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How I started

I started in the medical field in 1992. I became a nurse in 2004, and  Nurse Practitioner in 2018.  My clinical practice is mainly in the emergency department. I have always been an excellent phlebotomist and IV inserter. My passion is intravenous insertions. I have witnessed many, many times in the past, patients while working as an Emergency Room Nurse (RN) in the emergency department (ER), feel like a new person just after one IV 0.9% normal saline IV bag, along with some oxygen. Since then I have always wanted to offer people the option of receiving IV therapy without being in the emergency room at a much more reasonable cost and without the "sick" environment.


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If a specific date and time is needed, please contact me. 

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RC- NP Natural Health


**By Appointment only**


1 (845) 232-1117​




239 Lakeside Rd

Suite #2

Newburgh, NY 12550

I look forward to

working with you!

Espero con enteres a trabajar contigo!


“When administered by experienced, board-certified physicians and registered nurses, the therapy is a safe and effective answer to several ailments as well as self-inflicted nuisances (such as hangovers and jet lag).”

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Susan Jose, Hindustan Times

"Very Nice Rosalind! I can say you definitely are a well rounded experienced medical professional with good insight on what's beneficial and the next up in coming to best serve the patients best interest. Love it!”

Jay D- El Paso, Texas

Customer Service, Environment, Other, Quality

Rosalind was truly professional, very knowledgeable, and caring through the entire procedure.”

Keith P- Wallkill, NY

“Very knowledgeable and very reasonable... Highly recommended!.”

Angel S- Yonkers, NY


"My mission, as an Integrative Clinician, is to provide superb Intravenous nutrition to my clients and assist them in maintaining the highest level of health, to maximize their longevity of life, in collaboration with their primary care provider. Foremost, to deliver the safest possible intravenous nutrition infusions."


"My vision is to promote and encourage positive behaviors, inspire and empower my clients to aim towards a lifelong commitment towards their health  and wellness."

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