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Individual Services

Find the best service that fits your schedule!

Weekly-Monthly IM or IV Mini Drips!

$25 & up!

1ml-500ml's  15-30minutes


Customize your drip for $29 & up add-ons

Discounts and packages available!

Anti-inflammatory IM injection

Normal Saline 500ml IV

B12 IM or mini IV drip 

Increases energy/cell repairs

Amino Acid IM  or mini IV drip 

Build muscle proteins

B Complex IM or mini IV drip 

Water soluble, boost energy, essential vitamins 


Repairs free radical damage, preserves skin health

Preservative Free or Preserved

Glutathione IM 1-5ml  or mini IV drip 

Reduces​ inflammation,  anti-aging, brightness skin

Preservative Free or Preserved

Glutathione 2,000mg (10ml) IV push or in 50ml bag 

Reduces​ inflammation,  anti-aging, brightness skin

Lipo MIC B12 IM weekly

Lose weight - Methionine / Inositol / Choline Chloride / Cyanocobalamin

Magnesium or mini IV drip

Create/repair DNA & RNA, regulate neurotransmitters

Zinc or mini IV drip 

regulation of the immune system, wound healing

BiWeekly- Monthly IV Drips!

$150 & up!

500ml's- 1000ml's  45-60 minute drips


Customize your drip for $20 & up add-ons

Discounts and packages  available!

Normal Saline 1000ml (IV hydration) 

Thirsty Cells (IV hydration) 

Normal Saline or Lactatid Ringers 

The Virus Sayer (Immunity)

 B Complex, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Zinc

Inner Beauty (Anti-Aging) 

Biotin, B Complex, Calcium, Glutathione, Vit C

The Weekend Cure (Hangover) 

B-Complex, Electrolytes,  Magnesium,  Vit C

The Power Juice ( Sports/Energy)

Amino Acids, B Complex, B12, Electrolytes,, Vit C, Zinc

The Ultimate (Myer's Cocktail)

B Complex, B12, Calcium, Glutathione, Mag, Vit C,  Zinc      

The Brain Recharge (NAD+ ) 

250, 500ml, 750ml 

125mg IM- $189


125mg IM weekly x4 weeks= $579 


250mg IV- $349


500mg IV- $599


750mg IV- $699



Preservative Free or Preserved

Asorbic Acid or Sodium Ascorbate

High Dose Vitamins C 500ml/1000ml

20ml (10,000mg)- $149/$169

30ml (15,000mg) -$169/$189

50ml (25,000mg) - $189/$219


Weekly Oxygen/Aroma Therapy!

$1/min O2 or 

$2.5/min Aroma

From 10-30 min for  "wellness"

30-60 minutes for "unwell"

Chocolate Covered Cherries 

for chocolate lovers

Coconut Mint 

Smells pleasant,  get srid of stress,  great relaxant, soothes your mind, & treat anxiety

Jasmine (Floral) 

Eases Depression, aphrodisiac, and sedative, you'll  feel calm, relaxed, &  happily


Helps promote anxiety, insomnia, depression, headaches, calmness, wellness, helps reduce stress, anxiety, & possibly even mild pain. 


A natural stimulant, increases your ability to concentrate, alleviates symptoms of anxiety and depression, enhances mental performance, feelings of happiness, eases stress, exhaustion, & irritability


Relieves Headaches, Improves Memory,  elevates energy, can fight respiratory infections because of its antiseptic properties, an antispasmodic effect in lungs


Increases Mood, helps with Allergies, colds, an antioxidant by helping eliminate free radicals from your body, boost your immune system

Zing (Orange & pepermint) 

Pleasant scent has a cheerful and uplifting yet simultaneously relaxing, calming effect that helps reduce pulse rate, can stimulate the strength and resilience of the immune system and eliminate airborne bacteria

Package Prices

Compare the service packages and find the best fit for you. Do not see one you like?

There are more packages to chose from at your IV drip session!

Monthly Membership and Save!


Per Month/autopay

Best package offer

15% off on any IV drip bi-weekly (drips over $180)


one IM injection/mo 

(B12, CQ10, or Vitamin D) ($25- $50 value)

one (20min) oxygen therapy session/mo

one (10) aroma therapy while you drip/mo

Bundle and Save!


$1,999from IV's 200 & up!

1 Package

Best package deal for drips over $200

Eight IV drips /year

three IM Injection (B12, CQ10, or Vitamin D)

($25- $50 value)

two (20min) oxygen therapy sessions

($60 value)

two (20min) Red Light therapy

($50 value)

two (20 min) Infrared Sauna Sessions

($48 value)

Refer Three Friends and Save!

15% offfrom IV's $190 & up!

(When each friend purchases any service over $150)

A $170 value!

Best Buy for Friend Referral 

3 IV drips

3 IM Injections (up to 5ml's)

3 oxygen therapy sessions

3 aroma therapy while you drip

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