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IV Drip Room


IV Vitamin Drip Sessions

IV Myer's Cocktail-500ml

IV Inner Beauty 1000ml

IV Myer's Cocktail- 1000ml

Post Flu IV hydration

2nd IV bag,He felt better!!

IV Hydration NS

Brothers- Receiving Myer's Cocktail 1000ml

"Snowbird" from Florida staying hydrated with Myers Cocktail 500mlx2

High Vit C with Glutathione

After work IV Vitamins!

Couples staying healthy together <3

Athlete's Welcome!

IV start

Oxygen/Aroma Therapy

Oxygen/Aroma Therapy

The Power Juice (amino acids etc.)

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen/Aroma Therapy

IV 1000ml Vit B's & C

IV Vit-B's & C

500ml NS Hydration only, for teenager as he reads!

Mother & daughter spending quality time!

"Inner Beauty" for Mother & Daughter

The weekend Cure!

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